You might think that bombing around in a V12, 800-horsepower, 1,047-pound-feet of torque, triple-black German mega-SUV – both on paved roads and over broken ground – would be more than enough entertainment for your average gazillionare. As it turns out, or at least as the Brabus G800 iBusiness would suggest, even all of that gets a little dry if you can’t also check your email or play a spot of Minecraft.

Well known for tuning Mercedes-Benz vehicles within an inch of their proverbial lives, Brabus has set about waving its bonkers wand on the M-B G65; this time with a notion to add full connectivity to the mix. While other Brabus versions have offered similar power and torque outputs, none that we recall have also come with a baked-in Apple Mini computer, a 15.6-inch LCD monitor, charging ports for your iPad and your iPod and a keyboard and mouse.

Connected up to the vehicle’s onboard electronics system, an iPad Mini can be used to control vehicle functions while also surfing the web via an integrated high-speed modem and WLAN. Brabus has even spliced an Apple TV in with the more common DVD player, meaning occupants can watch Internet television while moving from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds. We’re not certain how well car-based WiFi works at 155 mph, but we’re more than willing to accept a test drive to find out.

Beyond all the Apple gear – and, oh yeah, there’s a refrigerator back there too – the iBusiness offers your run-of-the-mill Brabus insanity: 23-inch wheels, a massively pumped-up body kit, a Bilstein ride-controlled suspension and carbon fiber as far as the eye can see. The combination of tech and grunt is powerful enough that Brabus tells us in the press release below that the car “literally knows no limits,” which we suppose is technically true, unless the computers have made the truck self aware… you’ve all seen